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Welcome to the FCPC

The Federation of Canada’s Professional Chemists/Fédération des chimistes professionnels du Canada (FCPC) was established at an inaugural annual general meeting held in Vancouver on June 1, 2014. The founding members were six provincial organizations, the associations of the chemical profession of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, l’Ordre des chimistes du Québec and the Nova Scotia Chemical Society. Together they represent the interests of over 4,200 chemists across Canada.

At the AGM, a Council of the FCPC was formed to coordinate its activities. Members of the Council are the six provincial organizations with three ex-officio members from the Canadian Society for Chemistry. The Council approved Paul West, P.Chem., from ACPBC as Chair, Guy Collin, chimiste, from OCQ as Vice Chair, and Kathy Janzen, P.Chem., from APCA as Treasurer for two-year terms.

The main focus of the FCPC will be to act as a forum for discussion of issues of mutual interest among the member provincial professional associations. The regulatory mandate for administering professional bodies lies with the provinces and any positions taken by the FCPC will respect that authority.

The FCPC has already initiated activities on behalf of professional chemists.

First, a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the FCPC and the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC) was signed in Vancouver the next day on June 2, 2014 after the AGM. The MRA lays out the roles and responsibilities of the FCPC, a national association of regulators, and the CSC, a society under the federal incorporations act with interests in advancing the discipline of chemistry in research, university program accreditation and academic relations national and international. On the other hand, the focus of the member organizations of FCPC is on assuring that their professional chemist members act in the public interest in protecting the environment and human health. The provincial associations provide exclusive right to title and access of their members to performing working chemistry for government and the private sector. The MRA document with appended roles and responsibilities for the two bodies is attached.

Secondly, the FCPC has become a member of the Canadian Network of National Associations of Regulators (CNNAR). In addition to member meetings, the FCPC will attend the national conference of CNNAR on October 30, 2014 in Montreal. Topics such as labour mobility and foreign credential recognition are of wide interest to chemists across Canada.

Moving forward, the FCPC is committed to supporting provincial professional chemist organizations and their members across the country and to a harmonious relationship with the Canadian Society for Chemistry.

For further information, please contact Paul West, P.Chem., Chair, Guy Collin, Chimiste, Vice-Chair or Kathy Janzen, P.Chem., Treasurer. 

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