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Terms of Reference

  1. The Federation operates through and by a Council of representatives appointed by provincial professional chemists organizations who are members of the FCPC. Additional Members from other provinces will be added as professional organizations are established in those provinces.
  2. The FCPC may name Associate Members from provinces that do not have an incorporated professional chemistry organization.
  3. The Council shall be composed of one representative from each professional chemist organization: ACPO, ACPA, ACPBC, ACPS, OCQ and NSCS. Each new provincial professional chemistry organization or Associate member that is accepted will also appoint one representative to the Council.
  4. Each Member shall name an alternate who will represent the appointed representative in the absence of that representative.
  5. Up to three representatives of the Canadian Society for Chemistry shall be invited to sit on the Council. (The CSC Director for Professional Affairs, the Director of Industrial Liaison and one member of the CSC Accreditation Committee are preferred).
  6. The Council shall have an executive of Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer selected from the representatives of the provincial professional chemist organizations of the Council by consensus or majority vote of the representatives as required, each for a period of two years. Normally the executive positions will rotate through the representatives of the provincial professional chemist organizations. The two year term of these three positions can only be extended by unanimous consent of the provincial organizations.
  7. Representatives of ex-officio bodies and associate members sit on the Council but are nonvoting and are not eligible for executive positions.
  8. The Council may establish such Working Groups and Committees as required. All such bodies are advisory to the Council and report to the Council.
  9. The purposes of the Council shall be those of the FCPC as follows:
    • FCPC promotes the recognition of the professional chemist in Canada.
    • FCPC members work toward establishing parity of the professional chemist with other professionals to offer services within their scope of practice.
    • FCPC engages stakeholders through professional affairs courses, public outreach and involvement.
    • FCPC facilitates transferability of membership between organizations across Canada through agreement on equivalent criteria of education and experience.
    • FCPC is the national voice for the professional chemist in Canada.
    • In all its activities the Council strives to communicate and cooperate with the CSC to achieve common goals of furthering the chemistry discipline.



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