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Roles and Responsibilities of the FCPC


The FCPC advances the interests of the professional chemist as a regulated occupation in all provinces and territories by

  • coordinating the distribution of information
  • facilitating discussion, and
  • developing consensus and agreements.


The principal objectives of the FCPC include:

  • Promoting understanding of provincial Codes of Ethics and  Disciplinary processes for compliance in order to help to ensure public health and safety.
  • Recognizing the professional chemist in statute and regulation in all provincial jurisdictions including Right to Title and the right to work within a scope of practice.
  • Achieving transferability of professional chemists between provinces consistent with Chapter 7 of the AIT and developing an MRA between provincial members to facilitate the process.


Activities of the FCPC

  • Communicating relevant information in a timely fashion, including changes in policy regulation and statute in the provinces.
  • Supporting the development of professional chemist organizations in provinces where they have not been established.
  • Seeking and maintaining membership in the Canadian Network of National Associations of Regulators (CNNAR).
  • Communicating with the federal government and other parties on systemic issues affecting all professional chemists in Canada and presenting the positions of the Provincial regulatory bodies.
  • Encouraging students in careers as professional chemists and promoting the value of professional registration through the distribution of information about member initiatives and best practices.
  • Maintaining communication between member organizations and the accreditation committee of CSC to ensure that the nature and content of educational programs meets professional chemist requirements.

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